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Social Circle City Schools Retirement Program

The Social Circle City Schools retirement program is made up of two parts – Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRSga), Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS)


Teachers Retirement System of Georgia

TRS covers all teaching, administrative, clerical and other professional personnel. Teachers Retirement System eligible employees contribute 6% of their gross monthly salary to TRS.  In addition, the BOE contributes 19.98% of your gross salary to your TRS account.

  • Please click on this link for TRS information: 

  • Have you been with TRS less than 5 years? Click on this link: New Hire

  • Have you been with TRS between 5 and 24 years? Click on this link: Mid-Career

  • Have you been with TRS 25 years or more? Click on this link: Pre-Retirement Members

  • Ready To Retire under TRS? Click on this link for the TRS Retirement Process:  I'm Ready to Retire



PSERS covers all non-TRS employees including bus drivers, food service, maintenance, warehouse and custodial employees.  PSERS employees contribute $10.00 per month September through May (applies to employees hired after 7/1/2012).

Lincoln and Voya / TransAmerica (Life/Long-Term Care)

Mack Poss Associates: 706.779.7079

Mack Poss:

Byron Young:

SHBP Retiree Options

Before you transition into retirement, review the SHBP Retirement Coverage Presentation at:


In order to continue your SHBP coverage as a retiree, you and any dependents you want covered must be enrolled in the plan while you are an active member.


If you are retiring and you or your covered dependents are age 65 or older (or will be turning age 65 at your retirement), you have the option of:

1. Enrolling in a SHBP Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drugs (MAPD) Plan Option if you submit your Medicare Part B enrollment information directly to SHBP, or

2. Remaining in a Commercial (Non-Medicare Advantage) Plan Option, and you will pay 100% of the unsubsidized premium, which is substantially higher than the SHBP Medicare Advantage Plan Options. Medicare Advantage Plan Options are the only Plan Options subsidized by SHBP for Retirees age 65 and older.

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